Saturday, February 9, 2008

Best Friends For Never

best friendsNew painting.

Original is available for sale either through my Etsy shop or my personal shop.

Best Friends For Never

Approximately 7.25" x 14.5" (with border for framing)

Oil on primed artist paper.

Most people have probably had a relationship or two like this in their lives. They suck! Unless you're the one with the crown. Then who cares?

So besides my typical unhappy girlies, I've also been working on some more stuff with bugs. A while ago I happened to acquire a huge book of vintage 1960's wallpaper samples. Score!

I have a bunch of ideas for future projects, but at the moment.. the ladybugs have returned to eat my brains. They do that, these imported asian ladybugs. They're brain eaters.

Check it out. They're small, square, super cute and would look great framed with a large matte around them.

They're also available in my etsy shop (images on the right)

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