Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Office Improvements

The husband-creature’s office has been the very last room that we’ve tried to make at least semi-decent. He always insisted he liked his primer white walls and lack of decorating. (When really what that meant was, “I just don’t want to bother.”)

We’re taking baby steps with that room and it’s finally starting to shape up. A big part of it is these vinyl wall decals we purchased from Mark James Design on Etsy.

T picked them out and then I put them up for him one day while he was gone. Even though those trees look (and are) ENORMOUS, it was a very simple process and I love the results! There are blue birds on their way right now that will be sitting on a few of the branches.

We’re definitely going to be doing some more decorating with wall decals but I can see how you could easily go overboard with something like this.

Tree Wall 2 T's Office Ludo & Stanley

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