Saturday, January 24, 2009

Giant Site Update!

screenie2WOW!  So the new site is up and looking fantastic thanks to my wonderful doesn’t-want-to-be-named programmer.  On your end it is mostly just a cleaner layout with less extraneous stuff.  Easier to get right down to the art.  I’ve also moved all of the e-commerce stuff over to Etsy.   For right now I’m only selling jewelry and prints there.  Originals are still available directly through me, so if something interests you make sure to gimme a shout.

On my end everything is also much more streamlined and easy to manage, and that makes me a happy pigeon!  I’ve gotten rid of a bunch of old art that isn’t really relevant anymore.  It’s still out there on the interwebs somewhere if you’re really curious though.

So if you get a chance, let me know what you think of the new digs!

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