Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Etsy Addict.

Silent Dilemma PendantSilent Dilemma Pendant
Just added to my Etsy shop. - $7.50

Speaking of Etsy.. I've been on a vaguely enormous shopping spree:

* For Ludo a new color-coordinated leash and collar set
* custom bubble bath (I know, right?)
* freaking awesome coasters (I bought those with Christmas money my Grandmother gave me)
* Super cool vintage salt & pepper shakers (which she had WAYYY, WAYYYYYYY under priced if they're really by the artists she says they're by- muaha. Score.)
* A small 2009 calendar for the kitchen.
* And definitely one of my more random impulse buys, a huge beetle decal.

Once I recoup, I'm totally getting this (the family said it was too creepy to buy me for xmas :( and then this but how in the world am I supposed to choose a scent from that enormous list??

Okay.. so I have a little problem. Aherm. But you can help me by buying my pendants! *wink*

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